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Hotel Pulicinu and its restaurant in Baja Sardinia A refined dinner in one of the best restaurants of Costa Smeralda The bright and spacious dining room of the Hotel Pulicinu in Baja Sardinia

Welcome in our restaurant in Baja Sardinia: enjoy local products at Pulicinu!

Delicious dishes inspired by the Sardinian tradition

The restaurant inside the hotel Pulicinu is our crown jewel and is one of the best restaurants in Baja Sardinia: this is where we offer our guests as well as those who aren’t staying with us delicious dishes based with the freshest ingredients be it from the sea or the earth. Our culinary experience is wrapped around genuine local products and Sardinian tradition elaborated in accordance with recipes typical of the Mediterranean macchia whose taste is accentuated by the scented and aromatic herbs that grow spontaneously here. The large dining room opens to an outdoor terrace with a splendid panoramic view that embraces Baja Sardinia and gets lost among the Caprera, La Maddalena and Corsican islands.

The courteous and welcoming service will guide you with careful attention through a charming discovery of traditional local flavour.

Where Gallura tradition is at home

Weekly there are some typical dishes of Gallurese cuisine, such as:

  • Gadduresa soup, the most representative dish, also known outside Gallura. It is tradition to prepare it on important occasions such as weddings and holidays and it is obtained by placing slices of bread into the meat broth, finally putting all that into the pan alternating with layers of cheese and aromatic herbs and baking in the oven.
  • Li chjiusòni, or Gallura gnocchi, they differ from the Sardinian ones by size and workmanship: tradition demands being rigorously handmade and having a size of about 3 cm.
  • Pulilgion: fresh pasta ravioli filled with citrus flavoured sweet ricotta
  • Pane frattau: the classic Carasau bread with tomato paste, eggs, Sardinian pecorino and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Fascjoli e taddarini, a bean and noodle soup.
  • Lu risu cu' li pulpeddi, i.e. rice cooked with spicy pork chops and tomato sauce.
  • Porcetto grilled suckling pig that is cooked with the dried roots of Mediterranean macchia
  • Lu casgiu furriatu, i.e. namely cheese, generally vaccine, melted and seasoned with honey or sugar.
  • Seadas, one of the most famous Sardinian sweets outside the island; their name derives from the dialect word "seu" ie " tallow ", and calls to mind the brilliance that arbutus honey gives this sweet.

The rest of our menu is linked to the seasonality and the typical products of each period for an unforgettable and genuine experience at Pulicinu, among the best restaurants in Baja Sardinia.

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